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Click the MissionConnect icon immediately below to download our trial version and find out for yourself what MissionConnect can do. When the Application Install window appears, click Open.

Requirements & Installation

Some browsers, firewalls and security software may block the installation of our software from the badge above.The Chrome web browser is usually unable to use the automatic installation process.

If this happens, please try the following:
  1. Click here to install Adobe AIR from the Adobe website.
  2. Click here to download MissionConnect: Main to your computer. Then locate and run the installation file on your computer, which is: MC_Main.air

Thank you for your interest in evaluating MissionConnect software. Once it is downloaded and installed, use Username: Guest1 and Password: trygss1, when prompted, by MissionConnect: Main.

Refer to the Requirements & Installation section for additional assistance.


What's Inside:

Main Badge WI IconMain provides login and application selection for all available MissionConnect applications.

Center Badge WI IconCenter is an online database management application. Center supports the maintenance of professional clergy data and records, church committees and other groups, local church leadership and a host of functions dependent upon the accurate maintenance of this data.

Communicate Badge WI IconCommunicate is an online communication management application. Communicate provides users with the ability to sort and select information from a conference database to print labels or envelopes. It additionally provides an email option along with various computer file format outputs.

Lead Badge WI IconLead compiles data from all clergy records for easy cabinet viewing and access. Lead additionally provides customized profile and assessment tools for the pastor, churches and charges served.

Report Badge WI IconReport is an online report application designed to provide users the ability to either view or print specially formatted Cabinet, Clergy or church reports

AdminTools Badge WI IconAdminTools is an online access management application for System Administrators and provides the ability to set and mangage various levels of access permitted for each individual user, including password management.


Requirements & Installation

 Mac OS

  • Mac OS X
  • Javascript enabled
  • Adobe® Flash® Player 9
  • Adobe AIR®
  • Internet connection required


  • Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2; Windows Vista® or Windows 7
  • Javascript enabled
  • Adobe® Flash® Player 9
  • Adobe AIR®
  • Internet connection required

Uninstall Trial Versions:

If you have installed any of our trial versions of Falcon, please uninstall those programs before proceeding with your installation.

Macintosh - use the Finder to locate the Applications/GreatSpiritSystems/Falcon folder, and drag the program files to the trash can.
PC with Windows XP - go to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, select each Falcon program you have installed and click the Remove button.
PC with Windows Vista or Windows 7 - go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, select each Falcon program you have installed and click the Uninstall button (at the top).


Downloading and installing from this page will vary, depending on whether you have Adobe Flash Player 9 installed on your computer, and Javascript enabled in your browser. Most importantly, read the prompts and they should tell you what to do.


If you have problems with this installation, please send an email to


Your comments and suggestions can be offered through our blog pages at Also, look for the Comment Icon icon at the top of each application. Clicking the icon will take you straight to the blog page dedicated to that particular program. We highly value your input, and we want to hear your specific ideas on how to make MissionConnect even better.